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The TRU Crew

As featured in Animal Planet's new series 'The Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger' 

TRU is a committed group of scientists, naturalists, enthusiasts and specialists from diverse backgrounds. The researchers who compose the T.R.U. are engaged in field investigations and experiments designed to address various aspects of the natural history and determination of the continued existence of the thylacine. Through the education and experience of its members and the quality of their research and investigation, The  T.R.U seeks to be the most credible and respected investigative network involved in the study of the thylacine.

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The Ethical Search for the Thylacine

It is the policy of the T.R.U study the thylacine using technology in ways that will not physically harm them if they still exist. If the thylacine's continued existence is proven we seek to protect the species and implement active conservation strategies to ensure that we don’t lose the species again.  The T.R.U. organizes and reports observations and directs expeditions to places where the observations have occurred.  We also strive to investigate and educate on all Tasmania's fauna but particularly its carnivores.

The overall mission of the T.R.U. is essentially to resolve the mystery surrounding the thylacine. To derive evidence of the species' continued existence or extinction. This goal is pursued through the proactive collection of all forms of data and physical evidence from the field, well as documenting and evaluating sightings both current and historic.

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We believe in a science based approach!

At the Thylacine Research Unit, our commitment is rooted in the pursuit of truth, scientific rigor, and the responsible exploration of the possibility that the thylacine, commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger, may still exist. While our passion and dedication to the search for this elusive creature are unwavering, we acknowledge the importance of maintaining a high standard of evidence and a cautious approach to any claims of thylacine presence.

Our foremost value is a genuine desire to discover the truth about the thylacine's status. We recognize that the extinction of a species is a serious matter, and while it would bring us immense joy to find evidence suggesting otherwise, we remain steadfast in our commitment to scientific principles and methodology.

Given the lack of reliable scientific evidence supporting the existence of living thylacines, we approach every piece of information with a critical eye. Our guiding principle is that the burden of proof is exceptionally high in establishing the continued existence of the thylacine. As such, we prioritize the assessment of evidence based on its credibility, consistency, and verifiability.

In our evaluations, DNA evidence stands as the gold standard, providing a level of certainty that is crucial when making claims about the thylacine's persistence. Additionally, we place great emphasis on the examination of multiple reliable and verifiable thylacine footprint casts, as well as high-quality video and photographic documentation, preferably captured from various angles. This multi-faceted approach ensures a thorough and comprehensive assessment of any potential evidence, mitigating the risk of misinterpretation or misidentification.

Our commitment to transparency, scientific integrity, and the pursuit of evidence-based truth defines the Thylacine Research Unit. We strive to contribute responsibly to the field of wildlife research, remaining open-minded while upholding the highest standards in our quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the thylacine.

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