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Murray McAllister in Tasmania 2012

Posted by on December 20, 2012 at 4:11 AM 10734 Views

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2:20 PM on September 1, 2018 
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Reply Clive Parenteau
5:53 PM on February 13, 2016 
Hi, my name is Clive and I am from the central area of Manitoba Canada. Now I am only commenting this video because I am 100% positive that these supposedly extinct Tigers are alive and well in our general geographical area, and have been for many many tears. I had heard many stories from the local peoples regarding what they term to be dogs from hell. Now I am not a superstitious person and believe that there is a logical explanation of such things. Which brings me to why I have contacted you.

About 3 and half years ago I was at a remote farm just 15 miles southwest of my location and experienced a strange feeling of being watched, this happened over a period of many evenings as I would stroll out into the dark toward the road near the farm I was visiting. Ont his particular evening as night fell at around 11 pm I was feeling rather uneasy again. As it was a very dark evening with cloudy skies and was very dark... This when a friend of mine whom I had been practicing Band with, drove over to me as I came near the farm drive road stopped to chat with me. the conversation was brief but we both felt rather uneasy and he drove of in his truck. As he drove away, in the red tail lights and dust I saw what appeared to be a very large creature walked casually across the road directly in front of me about 20 feet away. I was totally spooked as I could not identify it ! It was very large and black and appeared to be a hybrid dog-cat of some kind, It's head was shaped like a dog, had long slender legs and the paws of a type of cat and its tail was very long. I am an avid outdoors man and served as a tourist guide in northern Manitoba canada for a number of years, and this was nothing that I had seen before.

There were weird sounds in the evening also that i could not identify from the coyotes and horses in the field. Wolves have been known to come near also but these were not the sounds of either. I am sure of it.

I did some research to see if I could identify the creature and was shocked to find the silhouette of a tasmanian tiger that accurately matched what I had seen. 100% positive ID.

I discovered that there is an old abandoned mine just west of the farm that may potentially hold a colony of them. Not sure though, but they have been seen on many occasions over the years in the general area.

I am curious to find out if in fact there are these dog-cats living near our area and would like to see some solid evidence to say that they are in fact real. Which I am sure they are. Possibly a reserve for them and tourist info stuff so that we can clear up any miss understanding or misinterpretations regarding these animals.

I know they are real and pose no threat to humans or live stock or they would've been discovered years ago.

With that, I conclude.. Your call if you would like to follow up on my report, I would be glad to share the specifics, exact location .. etc..

You have my email

Over and out... Have a great day..
Reply JimJam
6:46 PM on December 22, 2015 
Great footage. I am a new member. Looking at the supposed "thylacines", I thought that they could be quolls, although I thought that the marks on the carcasses seemed consistent with a predator that could open its mouth that wide. Again I'm not any kind of an expert. Keep up the work.
Reply gerry
10:28 AM on November 7, 2013 
This evidence is not clear at all. Most of the animlas in your videos are quolls or devils....and the carcasses are definitely not tigers, just look at the jaw structure.
Reply Muriecat
11:49 PM on March 29, 2013 
Amazing! Definitely look like thylacines! The back end like a pig, the thylacine running through the forest at night and in the day time - that footage is amazing. The quolls and devils in the video are shorter legged, different body and tail shape. I am from Canada and have a cottage up north in Ontario where there are bears, wolf, fox, and lynx in the forest. I have been on many hiking trails through the forests over the past 40 years and never saw one of these animals in person, but I felt them watching me, smelled them, seen evidence of them including footprints and prey killed. These wild animals in Canada avoid humans but watch with caution in the forest. Well camoflaged. I believe the thylacines are the same and they do exist! This video is proof. Thanks Murray McAllister for your hard work searching for the evidence of the thylacine's survival and for creating this wonderful video. I hope they continue to breed and increase their numbers so that they become plentiful once more + forever protected :)
Reply wazzad
8:24 AM on January 31, 2013 
is it possible for you to post the photos with the highlights etc?
Reply draya bloxam
10:01 AM on January 29, 2013 
i took screen shots from this video so i could analyse them. I took the screen shots i captured and added definition, sharpening, brightening, contrast, so on. after correcting the photos i took a closer look alot of the photos i still could not make out exactly what animal they were could have been anything most likely quoll. The photo that has "thylacine hind end " written on it turned out to only be a wallabey after brightening i could make out the full shadow of the body. However i did find the two photos that look much like a pigs back end interesting. At first that's all i thought the pictures were of but after my editing i could see ears not like that of a pig the second shot the tail becomes more clear very long in comparison to a pig the tail get lighter toward the end an looking at old thylacine photos it appeared that they too had lighter colors on the end of the tail. The tail is not that of a wallabey, devil, quoll, or pig and that is certain. After further editing i noticed that i could almost make out faint stripes on the thighs and upper tail area this might just be due to lighting or quality of the photo but i definitely could faintly make out the lines. I pulled up a photo of the thylacine from the hobart zooto compare the photo was of the animal standing up against a door shot from directly behind the animal so its hind end is in clear view. I compared both hind ends side by side i noticed a few similarities. The way the tail was placed, the nobby looking strange ankles. Long tail dark at the top and lighter toward the end. And apparent stripe pattern. The muscle tone seemed a bit off but what i had to remember is the photo from the specimen from the hobart zoo i was using to compare was standing straight up its legs stretched out making the legs look very long and skinny plus i am not sure of what health that particular animal was in at that time. The shot from this video shows very thick thighs however the animal does not have its legs stretched and it is running/jumping away from the camera and possibly flexing the upper thighs which it does appear to be. I was still skeptical about the thickness of the thighs until i read the sighting reports on the TRU page and read one of a man showing a picture of thylacines stating the tigers he seen were much more muscular and having very weird bottoms. So proving this could quite possibly be a thylacine in the two rear view pictures. All i know is its not a pig, fox, quoll, devil, or wallabey. Any other people been analyzing photos/videos i would love to hear!
Reply sean
6:08 AM on January 16, 2013 
What colour are Thylacines eyes meant to be with light on them in the dark?, referring to the first video of the supposed Thylacine bolting in the video..
Reply wazzad
8:48 PM on January 4, 2013 
Another commenter on yourube pointed out that the animal obseved at 3.11, appears to have stripes or shadows on its lower back - I didnt notice this in my previous viewings - I can kind of see it when pointed out - still nothing definitive thoug.
Reply Dean Garrod
8:33 AM on December 31, 2012 
Be interesting to see what Chris and Bill about Murrays video!

To me the most likely shot that could be a thylacine, is the animal running very fast acorss the picture in the darkness!
Reply wazzad
9:23 PM on December 21, 2012 
Well - thanks for linking this here.
Firstly, I think this video and second posted on 'tasmanian carnivores' are excellent and I enjoyed watching both.
Much respect to Murray for putting in the hard yards.
Having said that - I see no thylacine evidence in this video. In fact both the day and the night videos seem to be in the same location - so the quoll that is hanging around is mostly likely the creature misidentified as a thylacine.

My theory holds a bit more water when you look at the other video he has posted - no claims of thylacine - but videos of quoll and feral cats.

Also in this video - it appears that there are missing frames in a couple of spots. The carcass ones are also interesting - showing evidence of thylacine like eating habits - BUT - one of them appears to be a domestic raised pig - so I'm thinking it would have been purchased as bait - why would you have a camera on your bait - most of the others seem to be natural so its possible they were happened upon. Yet most of the videos seem to have some form of bait in them.

I've been thinking for a while about these camera setups.
It seems to me that you need to set up a camera style ambush - and the area in the video preview above is perfect. Instead of having one camera - why put muliple - attempting to cover the approaches to the bait source - and if possible covering another camera.

Dean, your question is very interesting - from what i've seen Murray is a smart guy - so is there evidence he has that isnt displayed here - I hope so!

Just my 2 cents - I'm sure people who know will be able to undertake a critical analysis of the video.
Reply Dean Garrod
7:37 AM on December 21, 2012 
To expand on my previous post, I'd like to know why Murray is convinced that some of his recent footage are thylacines?

Heres hoping!
Reply Dean Garrod
7:30 AM on December 21, 2012 
Great footage from Murray McAllister!

While its possible some of the animals in the footage could be thylacines its also possible that the unidentified ones could also be devils or quolls!

Heres hoping they are out there somewhere!