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T.R.U. Podcast Episode 8 - Victorian and Tasmanian sightings, Thylacine Skulls and Locomotion!

In this episode the Thylacine Research Unit (TRU)'s Chris Coupland and Warren Darragh discuss: Another victorian sighting and consider the reliability and motives of witnesses. A suggestion from Alison Moodie in the UK about placing photos of foxes and dogs with mange on the TRU website. Alison says, "There is so little detail on these sightings! I wonder, would it be worth publishing a few mangy dog/fox/dingo pics on your site, so the public can get to know what they look like?" A shout out to Luke Nowlan - Bill's biggest fan From the Government Files Nature loves ratios Thylacine feet like other marsupial carnivores have a ratio of 1:6 to 1:7, as opposed to 1:2 to 1:3 for cats and dogs TRU has photos of all of the casts submitted to the government. Old timers saying it was easier to tell thylacine and dog apart as opposed to devil and wombat. History of dogs in Tasmania A digitigrade is an animal that stands or walks on its digits, or toes. Plantigrade locomotion means walking with the toes and metatarsals flat on the ground. - Recent West Coast Sighting Background Recent other sightings in this proposed thylacine hot spot Dash Camera experiment - is it really going to help provide evidence? Follow up long term camera study in the area. Cameras have been out for 5 months - An alleged thylacine skull was analysed by the team to see if it was legitimate Background to skull Identifying a thylacine skull - what to look for

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