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BREAKING NEWS: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed In Central Tasmania 2012



I was surfing YouTube the other day and found a new video that I hadn't seen before entitled,

BREAKING NEWS: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed In Central Tasmania 2012

Which of cause, caught my attention.  On first glance something seemed wrong and thinking it seemed too good to be true, surely it wasn't that easy and not again after the dirt bikers film a few months ago.

The fact that the blurb in the description bar said it was filmed with a canon 600d and a Fuji s2000 but the footage was in 2.40:1 cinematic ratio sparked my interest.  I was thinking if I got HD footage from my 600d of a thylacine walking up a snow covered hill,  Im not sure I would be taking it home and messing about in after effects to put the cinematic look "letter boxing" onto such and amazing find.  A quick look at Google said the s2000 was a point and shoot camera not pro gear supported that idea.

BREAKING NEWS: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed In Central Tasmania 2012
YouTube Video 

The second problem was that the video was uploaded on the 22/02/2012 yet had just under 10,000 hits. If this was the Breaking News that proved the existence of a previously thought extinct species that was a little low in my opinion!  The footage was also taken 10 days before and they had managed to sit on such earth shattering discovery for 10 days with no media....and then from 22/2/2012 to 24/4/2012 when I watched it with no international media storm....I think not!

The next thing was a small glitch 0:29 and again at 0:47 (time code) which suggested that this had been rendered or was at the least a recording glitch (See below).  Owning a 600d camera and using it extensively in video mode this footage was also very grainy and pixelated and did not represent the footage I was used to or recording glitches that I knew of from that camera.



Screen Capture from YouTube Video @ 0:47 Showing Digital Glitch and Pixelation

The footage also seemed to be the same pattern of movement played over and over again at different speeds and also zoomed in on a few times by cropping which would explain the high degree of pixelation.  As a ripped copy of a movie or video would already be highly compressed, then heavily cropped to zoom in and then re-compressed as it was uploaded to YouTube.

I copied and pasted the link to to let the T.R.U. team debate the issue while I went to the DVD's.  One of our members Einar Lugnet said they had tried to leave comments on this video suggesting a hoax about 10 times and they had been constantly deleted.  Hmm not looking good so far! 

Having seen "The hunter"  a few times and having the DVD I suspected that this was the CGI from the movie re-edited as a hoax.  A quick spin through the film at high speed turned up exactly that suspicion at  1:30:15 - 1:30:20.....5 seconds of CGI that I think matches the YouTube video perfectly in movement and backdrop.   


Screen Capture from "The Hunter" 1:30:15 - 1:30:20

In conclusion not a bad try but in my mind no doubt a Hoax......again!