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Thylacine Research Unit


thylacine sighting report

T.R.U. accepts reports of sightings through a variety of media inclusing online form entry, email, and Facebook message. Where possible, and subject to the wishes of the person making the report, a T.R.U. member will discuss the sighting with the person or people involved.

As a starting point we assume that people making reports do so with honest intent. We first rank the sighting according to the academically-recognised Smith thylacine reporting classification system (The Tasmanian Tiger - 1980. National Parks & Wildlife Service, 1981, Steven J. Smith., 126-128). This includes factos such as visbility, lighting conditions, duration of the sighting and number of observers. Any subsequent investigations and critical analysis are based on the ranking system. A low ranking does not reflect at all on the person reporting the sighting; rather, it indicates incomplete observation, description or recall. For this reason it is very important to provide contact details so an experienced investigator can contact you if necessary to discuss the sighting. Your details will not be used for any purpose other than obtaining further details of the sighting, and will not be passed to any other party.

Reports will be published on this website and may be anonymous if you so wish.