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T.R.U. - Thylacine Research Unit

TRU receives no government funding or support and largely exists due to the financial support of the core members who donate both their time and money to continue to operate. We welcome the support of the general public and over the years we have had a group of wonderful people support our work through donations of money to purchase equipment or to cover field expenses.

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Tasmania is a large place and the equipment we need to undertake our research isn't cheap. We receive no government funding or grants. As such the vast majority of the costs of our work are carried by the TRU core members. We need to work day jobs in order to fund our field activities. 

All donations received will be used to allow TRU to spend more time in the field undertaking our research. Essentially, more money means more equipment covering the wild remotes of Tasmania.

Every little bit counts.

As an example of the costs:
  • Trail Cameras - $150 each
  • Security box for camera - $40
  • Security cable for camera - $40
  • Batteries for 3 months - $20
A day in the field typically costs $500 per day. This could include accomodation expenses, fuel, equipment hire, insurance, and of course feeding our team. For a typical 10 day expedition these costs quickly add up. 

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