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Sight Web Form from Matthew Squires

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Date of sighting?  = 24/03/2012


What was the time of the sighting?  = 2.15pm

How many people made the sighting? = 2



Hey there, me, my dad and mum, were at my mates place in Maribyrnong, Victoria. My mum was on balcony of my mates flat, when my mum started screaming "looks theres a Tasmanian tiger!", i was inside watching TV and i said "mum your going crazy," but she kept on screaming. So me and my dad got up went out onto the balcony and looked down onto the vacant block of land to see nothing. So i said to mum "its probably a dog", ill go take a look, so i put my shoes on and mums saying "dont get too close to it it might bite ya" i kept laughing at her, at this stage i wasn't expecting to see anything, so i didn't take a camera, so I went towards the vacant block then suddenly this animal comes out from the fence, and i was about 10 - 15 metres from it, and i can tell you it looked 100% like a Tasmanian tiger, it was different and wasnt a dog or a fox. its tail was long and stiff it ran different to a dog, and it even had stripes on its back. I swear on my mothers grave it was a tassie tiger , or a dog that looks 100% like a Tasmanian tiger, i was the closest to it, and it looked exactly like in the pictures. So i ran back up got a camera but when i had came back it had gone, i ran around into the scrub land for a hour, across the road from the apartment hoping to find it, but it had gone.


Sighing was made at Pipe Makers Park



It wasn't overly orange had a few shades of gray from memory, but what was different from a dog was its head, its tail which was stiff straight, and its tiger markers on its bum, it looked exactly like a tasmian tiger, as i was only 10 metres away from it. it also had scrawny back legs/hips.


Your probably thinking this could be anything its in a outer suburb of Melbourne, why haven't other people reported anything, i dont know. I think the location is irrelevant, what is relevant is i know what i saw, and yes my mum wasn't crazy , i can back her up. I wouldn't be on this website if i had a slight doubt that it was a mangy dog or fox. I saw what i saw and yes i strongly believe it was a tassie tiger.


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I was working as a Discovery Ranger on the Spirit of Tasmania III between Devonport and Sydney in 2008, walking about with a stuffed fox under my arm, and a guy asked me what I was doing with a fox. I explained about the threat of foxes to the Tasmanian ecosystems and he said "I'm a bit worried about fox baiting up where I live"- I asked him where that was, and he said "Near Torrington in NSW". I asked him what the problem was, and he said there were some "special animals" that he thought might take the bait. "What, like quolls?" I asked, and he became a little furtive and said "Sort of." I began explaining about 1080 being the best fox bait because most native animals had some resistance to it, as it occurred naturally in the environment in the vegetation, and explained that when it was buried and widely spaced, the chances of quolls getting a lethal dose were much reduced. He said "It's not just quolls." I asked him what other animals he was concerned about and he went a bit quiet for a while, looking at the bottle of Cascade light in his hand. Finally he seemed to come to a decision and said: "I guess it doesn't matter so much now, 'cause I don't own the property anymore." and he put his finger on the picture of the thylacine. "This picture doesn't show their legs- they are way more muscular than this". He proceeded to tell me about how he and his wife owned a property at the edge of a deep gorge in the Torrington area where they had a deer farm. They went spotlighting one night and saw Three thylacines- two adults and a juvenile, they followed them for a while, the juvenile mostly hidden by long grass, but the large adult jumped onto a rock to look at them, and from an estimated 10 metres stood in the full beam of the spotlight, looked at them and yawned. "Its bottom jaw was on its chest." the guy told me "and they have such weird arses." (he mentioned their weird arses a few times). The other adult and the juvenile went off into the gully while the big one just stared at them for "half a minute" before bounding off and following them into the gully. The property was called "Whynot" near Silent Grove and the sighting was about two and a half years before he was talking to me- about 2005. "There could be anything in that gully." he said. I have heard other stories from the eastern side of the great divide in northern NSW from old timers, (usually second hand), and a first hand story from the snowy mountains in NSW where a Thylacine was seen eating a rabbit on the side of the road in about 1985, and another story from the early sixties near Byron Bay- two blokes travelling together came to Kakadu and told me about a woman in Byron who had been hounded out of town for claiming to have seen a Thylacine, (including by the storytellers) but then they saw it too, and felt really bad. They also didn't tell any locals because they didn't want to be tarred with the same brush.

Anne's Sighting 1948 Hampshire Tasmania

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A new video From T.R.U. looking at a fascinating sighting made by a 9 year old girl from no more than 10 m away at Hampshire Mill in North Western Tasmania. Check it out of our FB page or on the Sighting Recreations Page on the T.R.U. website.

New Vid

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A new T.R.U. video exploring the colouration of the thylacine can be found under the "experiments & analysis" link or Enjoy

Amazing T.R.U. exclusive sighting kept secret for 40 years at Round Hill Nature Reserve, NSW.

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1957 in a Rural New South Wales in a small aboriginal community west of Sydney. A young boy grew up in a small community with intense interest in his natural environment and familiar with the local animal species due to spending all of his time in the bush. In 1971 at the age of 18 the young man's car and the family car were packed up to take the 9 hour drive in order to move locations so the young man could attend university. The two cars were travelling in convoy with several hundred metres separating them due to dust. The second car (the parents could not see the young man car that was in front). An animal trotted off to the side of the road as he drove past. At first it struck him as been a big dog but it had obvious dark stripes going across its back and tail. The young man was familiar enough with the bush to know that it was not a shadow pattern he knew what this out of place and foreign and abnormal animal species. The animal was no more than 10m from the front of the vehicle. The young man did not stop but was travelling slowly at the time due to the nature of the dirt road he was travelling on. He continued on to the next closest town as he was unfamiliar with the way next to travel and to wait for his parents. When they turned up he approached them and asked "if they saw the dog back there with stripes on its back?" And they replied "No we didn't see anything!" The young man remember thinking “my god then I don’t know what that is then!”. This was the extent of the sighting at the time. The sighting was then forgotten as the young man studied gained his degree. Years later he saw a picture in the dentist of a Thylacine which triggered the memory of the sighting and instilled in the young man that was what he saw. But knowing that thylacine were meant to be extinct he was worried that he may have been loosing his mind. He kept his sighting secret for over 40 years at risk of been ridiculed due to his profession. Years later he was married and years after that the man told his wife of what he saw and she encouraged him to share the sighting, talk to someone and not take the sighting to the grave. The man approached some people at the university but to no avail. The man kept his secret for 40 years before directly contacting T.R.U. after researching it on the web and contacting us directly through the contact us web form and wanting T.R.U.'s Chris Coupland to call him directly on the telephone. The call was anonymous but Chris was given enough information to be reassured that the sighting was legitimate and credible. The man also located the sighting on google earth for T.R.U. and gave permissinon for the story to be relayed but no names or things that could be used for identification been given. (At the time of the sighting he had no idea of what a thylacine was)

Mobile Site

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Hi Guys just launching the new mobile site Check it out and make your sighting from your smart phone now!

T.R.U. Website Launch

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The Thylacine Research Unit Welcome to the new website. It is the portal for Tasmania's premier Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger research organisation the T.R.U. So stay a while and watch the promo video, leave a sighting report, a guest book post or leave some discussion points in the T.R.U. Forum. If you love what we do then please feel welcome to leave a donation to support the work. Cheers Chris


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